Wow, just…wow. Our country really is doomed. The guy has done nothing but lie, raise our taxes, work hard to destroy the environment, destroy healthcare. Have you actually heard him talk? Do you ever read just facts about what he did in the Ukraine, not to mention his abuse of women, people of color and anyone who has ever worked for him? His childish insults and name calling? His 2nd grade vocabulary? His peevish and feverish feats of revenge? Do you think it’s good that he fired Vindman for example? Gave a metal to Limbaugh? Do you enjoy paying millions for him to play golf? Do you agree with him putting his totally unqualified sil in charge if the middle east? I could go on, and on.

There is really something wrong with trump supporters. Not sure if it’s white privilege, lack of education, total selfishness or something missing in their brains, but if this is America now, we deserve to fall. You liked his rally cause people were “nice” to you? You must be pretty desperate for some validation. Also that is about the most selfish reason ever to support a fascist wanna be dictator, that’s really one for the books.

And about November…don’t forget what happened in the last election, don’t write us off just yet, not everyone in the country is an idiot.

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