Ok, I don’t actually really hate Ireland. I am having quite a bit of ambivalence about it at this point though for sure

This is my first time in Ireland and it also the very first time I have ever been kicked out of a hotel.

We were literally KICKED OUT of a small hotel (lodge) because we told the wife of the establishment that our bed was hard and the bathroom was REALLY small, like smaller than a normal European bathroom even. After an extremely unfruitful discussion with the lady of the house we went to wait for a cab to go do our laundry.

The man of the house came out, very angry right from the start and asked us aggressively if we had a problem with our accommodation and that he had NEVER had a complaint in 20 some years, not one complaint! I told him his wife was nasty (she was actually really awful, i kept telling her we were just trying to give feedback and at no time was I nasty to her and really I just wanted to drop it because the conversation was going nowhere but she just wouldn’t stop she got more and more wound up and she was unreasonably defensive and said things like “well you could have had a larger room but you didnt want to go upstairs” even though I was walking with a cane and quite obviously could not go up and down a large flight of stairs.

so anyway the man of the house came out and was hugely angry shouting at us and said you people are the reason Trump got elected which in my mind is probably the worst possible insult anyone could say to me, seriously. He said he was really angry because I said his wife was nasty and then he repeated “how dare you?” about 100 times So I finally lost it and started yelling too and then he was like “oh now the REAL you comes out” I mean he was really red in the face and yelling and running back and forth like a maniac.

So one thing I forgot I did tell the wife who said we should have gotten two rooms that we are married (same sex couple) and I dont know but I have a feeling that the fact that we were gay and actually admitting it out loud had a part in our violent and angry ejection from the hotel/if that is not the case I simply can’t come up with a reason that these two were livid with rage because we suggested they might get a foam topper for the bed. The wife even wanted to come out and yell at us some more but was held back by the man.

I was sort of hoping they would call the police or something like that as it seems odd that one can be ejected from a paid for hotel room simply for saying the bed was really hard….I suggested calling the police but they were not interested in doing that. Oh well.

so anyway the hotel (The Augusta Inn in Westport Ireland) has incredibly tiny rooms, the hardest bed I have ever encountered (this was the thing I brought up orig with the lady, i could hardly walk from my back being out due to the bed) tiny tiny bathrooms almost no water pressure junk every where and scary nasty owners so beware!!

Just as a p.s. and in support of my title I was having a discussion with my wife about an article about Trump in the WP and how he is messing up the situation with Iran through pure ignorance and incompetence and I was approached by an ancient lady who told me that “some people” including herself, think the orange monster is a REALLY good president. I didn't argue because she looked about 200 years old and, really, why even try at this point if somebody still thinks positive things about trump. I mean there is so much info at this point proving he is a crook, and idiot etc.

Anyway it actually turned out for the good as we got a lovely hotel that is really comfortable and in a much better location. But I don’t think I will be coming back to Ireland any time soon!

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