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nazis, fascists, social media influencers and lifetime movies

my partner and I have what may be a bad habit of watching lifetime movies. Here are 4 things you might learn from a lifetime movie

men are really stupid

cops are really stupid

you can probably kill somebody by slapping them

it is super easy to get a syringe of some lethal substance to carry around in your purse

and, oh, so many more things can be learned from these movies, more than can be listed here.

but one more thing it will be almost impossible for you to not learn is: the Internet is dangerous, everyone you meet on it is either a stalker or a serial killer and also social media influencers are stupid and vapid/and quite possibly a stalker or serial killer or at least crazy. also anybody you hire from the internet is going to kill you and your family, especially nannies.

I bring all this up because my head is practically rattling from the cognitive dissonance flying around these days with people denying trumps racism.

how did i get from here to there.

pull up a chair

so i recently watched a lt movie about a stalked sm influencer who was dumb and vapid.

at the same time i got into an interfight(tm) with a guy who called me a nazi because i said/wrote evidence of rumps racism is easily found from countless sources. it simply cannot be ignored, unless you are ignoring it on purpose

so he was like “nazi much?” which is kind of funny but not really, pretty triggering actually. the other thing is he kept calling me “Al” for some reason. anyway its not good to argue on the Internet, we all know this, but it is going on now and will be for the foreseeable future.

at the same time i listened to Margaret Cho’s interview on the Bust podcasts, PopTarts, and there was a long conversation about how she has literally influenced the culture by her online arguments for example her online interchanges with Tilda Swindon on the white washing in Hollywood movies.

so on lt movies, social media influencers are vapid idiots, but in real life they can be somebody iconic like Margaret Cho.

to a trump supporter he is not a racist, but in real life…..

maybe with so many competing belief systems the nature of reality itself will warp and rip. or more of us will just snuggle down in our own little realities, where its safe and warm.

and i will probably continue to watch lt movies, because i think they are funny but i am noting here that today has made realize in yet another way how deeply regressive they really are.

if you have never watched a lt movie, this might be of interest

Historically Curious, Queer, Aging, Anglophile, World traveler, lifetime researcher with a sarcastic bent

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