as a person who lived for many years in the bay area, i have this to say about Pride. Too many str8 folks, yeah I would have to say that is my main gripe with it in Sf. Oakland Pride is better imo.


For many of us, as we evolve through out own queer experience, Pride serves as a validation and a safe place, as well as a wonderful opportunity to have some adventure. Depending on where you are in your coming out process, Pride can be a very powerful and validating experience, a reaffirmation or just a fun time with the like minded. As a an old queer womyn, I now see Pride as a chance to be with my sisters, but as a young dyke it was a thrilling ride with others I deeply felt were on an iconoclastic trip with me.

So anyway, in response to reading this, my feeling was, who cares about the str8 people? Also, if you aren't feeling it, just don't go. But I hope we never get to a point where we feel that Pride has no relevance or purpose for our very diverse and tasty community.

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