as a former airbnb owner who got repeatedly fucked over by various folks that stayed at my house (the worst example was girls who were hiding extra guests and so didn't inform us there was a problem with the water and ended up flooding the whole upstairs and making the living room ceiling cave in destroying the floors, ceiling lights, you name it cost over 5000 to repair, and then posted a review about how crappy WE were cause we were upset about it) i find this article to be a bit whiny, and I am surprised how many “claps” a white man can still get whining in public, I guess i have a more jaundiced view. people that can’t obey basic rules like getting out when you have agreed to and who have full recourse to post a public review complaining about how they were abused should just shut up and maybe even learn something from the experience, the airbnb host aint your mama. grow up. i dont do airbnb anymore thank god but i am actually glad to hear that someone who wants to post derogatory comments outside of the airbnb app (posted in what i think of as “social media speech” oh, my experience with the host was shit, but everyone else was JUST LOVELY”, girl please) SHOULD be banned.

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