A couple thoughts on this my 2 granddaughters are mixed race and they’re now teenagers and I can tell you having gone through their whole grade school experience, well we live in Oakland California so there’s that, but there were many many mixed race kids and the kids take it as a matter of course and even joke about it so there is I am thinking a community a huge community of mixed race folks that are growing up now in America and I hope they will love and support each other and certainly understand each other’s experience

so that’s one thing and then I guess the other thing is if I were you I would so some more reading of memoirs of people growing up in that type of situation for example I’m just now reading the color of water which is an excellent book written by a Black man who had a white Jewish mother

Anyway just some thoughts and it’s interesting to hear your thoughts on here in your article and I certainly understand where you’re coming from

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